The CNY season is coming up sooner than we expected and the preparations are starting to roll in. As much as we love the authenticity and heartwarming flavours of homemade steamboat, the option of a stress-free and no frills dinner may often be too tempting. Well, that’s where steamboat caterers come in. They offer customised “special and differentiated” steamboat sets in complete packages for your family’s convenience.

Orders have started to flock in (since December) so you better hurry up to ensure that your orders are ready for the celebrations. Mr Steamboat has reportedly seen their orders doubling to 80 this year and the Steamboat Specialist has had an 80% increase in orders.

Here, we’ll make your celebrations less stressful by collating some of these steamboat caterers.

Mr Steamboat

Ratings: 4.7/5
Price: $$

Mr Steamboat is one of the oldest and most popular steamboat caterers in Singapore, so expect the quality and consistency of their dishes to be top notch; it is sure to keep your family and friends satisfied this CNY season. Their menus are simple yet attractive enough to keep your palette enticed throughout.

Ala-carte orders are also available for your premium choices if you have any particular cravings. Mr Steamboat CNY Promotions come with yusheng sets as well. Be sure to order before 20 January—you’ll save yourself on the $30 CNY surcharge.