Enjoy a fuss-free reunion dinner with the help of takeaways and steamboat delivery services

Being time-starved shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying a heart-warming and delectable reunion dinner with your loved ones.

With handy helpers in the form of steamboat deliveries and takeaways, you’ll be able to enjoy a feast in no time. For those cooking up a storm, broth kits and dipping sauces will also help to enhance your reunion dinner dishes

Mr Steamboat is offering a Lunar New Year package complete with free delivery to your doorstep.

Enjoy steamboat in the comfort of your home — sans the preparation or grocery shopping. Mr Steamboat, Singapore’s first steamboat delivery company, is offering a Lunar New Year package ($258 for ten persons) complete with free delivery to your doorstep.

The feast includes three premium sliced meats, seafood, assorted vegetables, choice of two soup bases and more. Festive perks also include complimentary homemade dumplings and New Moon Australian abalone.