The Lunar New Year isn’t complete without a family dinner at a steamboat or buffet restaurant. It’s small wonder how families love heading to these places; restaurants that are also staircases leading to food heaven. This Chinese New Year, head to either one of these 10 places and have the binge of your life!

I don’t think you can find anything else better than gathering your friends and families in the comfort of your own home for a steamboat meal. Thus, if you and your family aren’t very keen on heading out the front door for meals, then Mr Steamboat might be your potential solution (or perhaps the only solution you have)! Mr Steamboat is Singapore’s very first steamboat delivery service and the ingredients and utensils you ever need will be supplied! Definitely a great alternative to a yearly affair.

Where: Everywhere! +65 81027520

Price: A CNY package for six pax costs $188