Part of the COVID-19 “circuit breaker” measures is to ban dining out. Those who aren’t culinary inclined and yearn for restaurant food can still dabao, but hoisting an entire hotpot table along with the ingredient bar home isn’t really an option. Thankfully, hotpot delivery in Singapore is a glorious reality, be it from your favourite restaurants like Hai Di Lao delivery or dedicated catering establishments.

They’ll arrive at your doorstep, set up the necessary equipment and lay out the spread of goodies for your family to enjoy in comfort, safety and privacy. For solo cravings, there’s also instant DIY hotpot in single servings. They can be purchased online so you don’t even have to step out of the house!

Mr Steamboat operates on a customised set meal system – pay a flat rate based on the number of pax you’re feeding, and mix and match your selected ingredients from various categories. They have packages suitable for 4 – 6 pax all the way to 50+ pax, but the latter is best reserved for post-circuit breaker parties and huge get-togethers.

While they’ll send fresh hotpot ingredients to your home, rental of induction cookers and the pot itself is only available for orders serving 50 pax and above. Nevertheless, the prices of their ingredients are relatively competitive. We recommend hitting them up if you already own a hotpot set, but are lazy or unable to venture out to shop for a whole host of ingredients yourself.

10 Hotpot Delivery & DIY Options In Singapore So You Can Hai Di Lao Right In Your Living Room