Being the first to bring steamboat delivery onto our shores, MR STEAMBOAT is one of the most trusted companies when it comes to Chinese New Year reunion dinners. The company prides itself on providing flavourful soup bases with the freshest ingredients. Customise your hotpot with their list of more than 50 seafood and meat as well as four divine soup bases — pork bone, chicken herbal, spicy tom yum and spicy mala!

In anticipation of the 2020 CNY reunion dinner, MR STEAMBOAT has launched three packages to cater to different group sizes. If you’re expecting around 10 guests, consider the Prosperity Premium Steamboat Package ($308) which comes with four types of premium meat, two boiled soup bases of your choice and 24 types of fresh seafood and vegetables! Don’t have the necessary hotpot equipment at home? Don’t worry! Purchase an induction cooker or even the yuan yang pot from MR STEAMBOAT and have them delivered to your house with your steamboat ingredients!

7 Steamboat Delivery Services In Singapore For CNY Reunion Dinner