10 Pax Package B

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Delectable Steamboat in an array of serving deliver to your doorstep is certainly a delightful way to indulge yourself. Since good things are not meant to be enjoyed alone, gather your friends or family to share.

10 Pax Package B comes with an induction cooker and 28cm Yuan Yang Wok

10 Pax Package B comes with an induction cooker and 28cm Yuan Yang Wok

* Induction cooker and 28cm Yuan Yang Wok is for you to keep and is not rental.

Choices of 4 Premium Meat 


Choice of 2 Soup Base 

All our soup base are freshly boiled, ready to serve and delivered in a flask (3.5 Litres)

Chicken Soup (Popular)
Black Chicken Herbal Soup (New)
Thai Tom Yum Soup
Mala Spicy Soup
Pork Bone Soup

Seafood Delight (Fixed)

Fresh Sliced Fish
Fresh Tiger Prawn

Assorted Meat / Surimi (Fixed)

Hot Dog (Chicken)
Crab Sticks
Luncheon Meat
Fish Ball
Sotong Ball
Meat Ball
Cheese Ball
Oborotsuki (Seafood Cake)
Cikuwa (Seafood Roll)
Homemade Fish Cake

Assorted Vegetables x 2 (Fixed)

Golden Mushroom
Abalone Mushroom
Chinese Cabbage
Dry Mushrooms
Bean Curd
Xiao Bai Cai
Abalone Sliced (Vegetarian)
Yee Mee (Noodles)

1. Homemade Chili sauce and light soya sauce will be provided
2. Food package are pack sufficiently for the number pax ordered

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