Unmarried folks in Singapore had better collect as many ang baos as they can this Chinese New Year, because you’re going to need as much cash as you can get your hands on to offset the hiked up prices of Mandarin oranges and bak kwa.

But those aren’t the only things Singaporeans are spending a ton of cash on this Chinese New Year. Turns out the festival is creating demand for a bunch of goods and services targeted at people who’ve got to go through the drill of visiting relatives.

Here are four things Singaporeans are paying for this Chinese New Year.

Steamboat delivery

Steamboat is, understandably, a very popular culinary choice during the annual reunion dinner. There’s just something about having everybody huddled around the hotpot that screams “togetherness”. And also, there’s nothing more convenient than making your guests cook their own food.

Well, these days, many Singaporeans don’t even have the time or the will to go to the supermarket and pick up raw food for the steamboat machine. That’s why steamboat delivery services like Mr Steamboat are in such hot demand over CNY.

These guys will drive to your home and drop off soup stock and ingredients you can then get your guests to stump into the hotpot. If you don’t have your own hotpot, they can provide one too. Be prepared to pay close to $100 if not more to feed a family, though.