Fresh off the (steam)boat! Get ready for superb broths, tasty meats and a little chopstick ninja battle for the last piece.

We all miss heading out for a good meal at our fave restaurant or hawker centre. While we can order in, recreating the communal dining experience at home can be a little tricky, especially for hot pot meals. That’s why these steamboat delivery guys are offering everything you need to have one helluva hot pot party at home amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Be prepared to scoop whorls of sliced meat and slurp up flavourful soup…

For those who’ve had a hand in throwing a hot pot feast at home, this name will probably ring a bell. Mr Steamboat boasts a wide selection of ingredients in its sets, such as meatballs, luncheon meat, beef, lamb, cuttlefish and more. The only challenge here is to pick one soup base from five flavourful options: chicken soup, black chicken herbal soup, Thai tom yum, mala spicy soup and pork bone soup. The upside? You get 3.5 litres of your soup of choice.

Home communal dining: Satisfy your hot pot cravings with steamboat deliveries