It is common for businesses to impose surcharges during Chinese New Year, but some have called off their plans to do so after feedback from customers. Co-founder of steamboat delivery company Mr Steamboat, Mr Benson Chan, agrees. He told TNP that the company had implemented a CNY surcharge of $30 since yesterday. “We have exceeded […]

Unmarried folks in Singapore had better collect as many ang baos as they can this Chinese New Year, because you’re going to need as much cash as you can get your hands on to offset the hiked up prices of Mandarin oranges and bak kwa. But those aren’t the only things Singaporeans are spending a ton of […]

The CNY season is coming up sooner than we expected and the preparations are starting to roll in. As much as we love the authenticity and heartwarming flavours of homemade steamboat, the option of a stress-free and no frills dinner may often be too tempting. Well, that’s where steamboat caterers come in. They offer customised […]

Customers say such services save them hassle of jostling with market and restaurant crowds With less than a month to go before Chinese New Year, demand for steamboat delivery services is heating up. At least five businesses here, including restaurants Hai Di Lao and The Soup Spoon, are offering home delivery of soup stock and […]

Having hot pot, also known as steamboat, for Chinese New Year reunion dinners is a common practice in Singapore. Several companies are now offering to deliver steamboat packages to save families the hassle of preparing the stock, ingredients and equipment needed. MR STEAMBOAT What: Laksa, tom yam or black herbal chicken soup are among the seven soup bases […]

The Lunar New Year isn’t complete without a family dinner at a steamboat or buffet restaurant. It’s small wonder how families love heading to these places; restaurants that are also staircases leading to food heaven. This Chinese New Year, head to either one of these 10 places and have the binge of your life! I […]

火锅,肯定很多女友家团圆饭的热门选择。不管是不想煮、没时间煮,还是懒惰煮,《女友》为你列出5家提供火锅外送服务的餐馆,让你mess-free团圆! Mr Steamboat 包括精选肉类、海鲜类、蔬菜类和大人小孩都喜欢的冷冻食品。除了特价折扣,新年套餐也附送手工饺子及一罐人月牌鲍鱼,非常划算。食物也经过卫生处理,方便保存。即使吃不完,也可以短期冰藏。 价位: 新年套餐$188起(6人份),外加 $30送餐服务费(2月5日至8日)    

Enjoy a fuss-free reunion dinner with the help of takeaways and steamboat delivery services Being time-starved shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying a heart-warming and delectable reunion dinner with your loved ones. With handy helpers in the form of steamboat deliveries and takeaways, you’ll be able to enjoy a feast in no time. For those cooking […]

I don’t think you can find anything else better than gathering your friends and families in the comfort of your own home for a steamboat meal. Thus, if you and your family aren’t very keen on heading out the front door for meals, then Mr Steamboat might be your potential solution (or perhaps the only […]