Mr Steamboat: Steamboat Delivery Right To Your Doorstep So You Don’t Have To Fuss About Hosting A Party I never really enjoyed organising steamboat dinners at home; too much work setting up and getting the ingredients ready, and too much work cleaning up after. So when I was tasked with organising dinner for a recent party and […]

The CNY season is coming up sooner than we expected and the preparations are starting to roll in. As much as we love the authenticity and heartwarming flavours of homemade steamboat, the option of a stress-free and no frills dinner may often be too tempting. Well, that’s where steamboat caterers come in. They offer customised […]

The Lunar New Year isn’t complete without a family dinner at a steamboat or buffet restaurant. It’s small wonder how families love heading to these places; restaurants that are also staircases leading to food heaven. This Chinese New Year, head to either one of these 10 places and have the binge of your life! I […]