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Best in Singapore: Best Steamboat Delivery in Singapore [2021]

Highlights: First steamboat delivery in Singapore Flavourful soup bases Fresh ingredients From fundamental steamboat setup to post-clean up, Mr Steamboat make available service crews to clients who are hosting big events at their residences. Mr Steamboat is the first steamboat delivery company established in Singapore. Being one of the most renowned companies when it comes… continue reading

TheSmartLocal: Hotpot Delivery & DIY Options In Singapore So You Can Hai Di Lao Right In Your Living Room

Part of the COVID-19 “circuit breaker” measures is to ban dining out. Those who aren’t culinary inclined and yearn for restaurant food can still dabao, but hoisting an entire hotpot table along with the ingredient bar home isn’t really an option. Thankfully, hotpot delivery in Singapore is a glorious reality, be it from your favourite restaurants like Hai Di Lao… continue reading

Honeycombers: Satisfy your hot pot cravings with steamboat deliveries

Fresh off the (steam)boat! Get ready for superb broths, tasty meats and a little chopstick ninja battle for the last piece. We all miss heading out for a good meal at our fave restaurant or hawker centre. While we can order in, recreating the communal dining experience at home can be a little tricky, especially for… continue reading

Nikkei Japan: Lunar New Year celebration gets hot with home-delivery steamboat

Written by: Mayuko Tani, Staff Writer, Nikkei Singapore Bureau

Shopee: Steamboat Delivery Services In Singapore For CNY Reunion Dinner

Being the first to bring steamboat delivery onto our shores, MR STEAMBOAT is one of the most trusted companies when it comes to Chinese New Year reunion dinners. The company prides itself on providing flavourful soup bases with the freshest ingredients. Customise your hotpot with their list of more than 50 seafood and meat as well as… continue reading

SingaporeNow: Best Steamboat Delivery for Reunion Dinner 2020

MR STEAMBOAT is the first steamboat delivery company brought onshore. Being one of the most trusted companies when it comes to Chinese New Year reunion dinners. MR STEAMBOAT prides itself on providing flavourful soup bases with the freshest ingredients. Each soup is made daily from scratch and simmers for hours on the stove. From setup… continue reading

联合早报: 火锅配送上门团圆不慌不忙

受访火锅配送服务业者指出,这期间外卖生意红火,比去年增加至少一成。虽然如此,但餐馆团圆饭生意依然预订一空。 吃团圆饭是农历新年传统,除了到餐馆一家团聚,也有人选用火锅外卖服务,在家里舒舒服服吃一餐。受访业者指出,这期间外卖服务生意红火,与去年相比增加至少一成。 另一家业者火锅先生(MR STEAMBOAT)创办人之一叶景豪受访时说,今年订单量增加10%至15%,所有除夕夜的外卖服务已经满额,农历新年前后两天的订单名额所剩无几。 此外,海鲜材料如螃蟹干贝等都是受欢迎材料,今年更是新推出石斑鱼供消费者选购。 担任石油和煤气分析师的卢诗敏(35岁)今年首次预订火锅外卖服务。她指出,以往全家人到餐馆吃团圆饭,但因为餐馆用餐时间有所限制,有时感到压力。她经由推荐订购火锅达人的外卖服务,花费约300元,昨天提早在家中和亲友吃团圆饭。 她说:“这样的用餐方式很方便,可以省却准备食材的时间和麻烦。我们也不需要花时间去餐馆排队,也不用到超市购买食材,而且价格和餐馆差不多。”

Women’s Weekly: How To Get CNY Steamboat Delivered To Your House

Make reunion steamboat dinners a breeze with these handy home delivery services Mr Steamboat Packages start at $208 for six pax,  and there’s an early bird special of no CNY surcharge ($30) if you order by the 20th of January. How To Get CNY Steamboat Delivered To Your House

TheSmartLocal: Steamboat Deliveries For CNY Gatherings

You don’t have to be traditional to appreciate a good ol’ steamboat reunion meal with family and friends. As we grow older, spending quality time with our family seems to matter more than just snacking on festive goodies and counting angpao money. That said, having your reunion meal in the comfort of your own home does come… continue reading

SETHLUI: Mr Steamboat Delivery Singapore

Mr Steamboat: Steamboat Delivery Right To Your Doorstep So You Don’t Have To Fuss About Hosting A Party I never really enjoyed organising steamboat dinners at home; too much work setting up and getting the ingredients ready, and too much work cleaning up after. So when I was tasked with organising dinner for a recent party and… continue reading