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About Mr. Steamboat

When a group of people eating steamboat together, the atmosphere will be wonderful and filled with warmth, however, nowadays, a delicious meal of steamboat, not only require for its freshness, for instance, the types of food, the environment, and the atmosphere are playing important roles as well. Nevertheless, steamboat restaurants are noisy and crowded, the tables are arranged compactly, and therefore it is very hard for all the family members or friends to enjoy the steamboat comfortably and cozily. Only when you are at home, you can enjoy such a unique flavor of Steamboat without any interruptions.

We also deeply understand that nowadays most of the people are busy working, preparing a delicious meal has never been an easy task, from buying the ingredients, cleaning, slicing, pickling the meat to preparing the soup base, you need time and effort. Therefore, when people think of buying ingredients, slicing, and washing, they will give up on the idea of having steamboat or barbecue session at home. Therefore, we have invented and providing you with the latest method which is the one-stop “steamboat and barbecue delivery service”, we have committed ourselves to mold a new generation of eating culture, to deliver the high-quality food to your doorstep, to let our customers enjoy the sumptuous meal while sitting at home cozily, and sharing this new enjoyment with friends and family.

Our Philosophy

We manage the business with heart, we also insist on making our customers as our top priority. Innovative, fresh, and convenient, satisfying every requirement of the customers upon our products. Our very first steamboat delivery in Singapore, we provide a variety of food, and we have designed many food combinations for your choice, not only helping you to save your precious time, but you can also enjoy your steamboat without any worries.

Vision and Mission

Creating a new culture and generation of Steamboat. To let our customers sitting at home cozily and enjoy Steamboat and with a variety of choice. Our company mission is to become the pioneer of this steamboat industry~ to use the most effective processing cost in order to provide a stable service standard, to ensure the service to every customer requirement will be fulfilled under a standard guideline.

Why Choose Our Service

Mr. Steamboat Service For YouIf You Purchase All The Ingredients and Prepare By Yourself
QualityThe purchase of food satisfies the hygienic standard, and the frozen system can guarantee the freshness and hygiene of food.Due to the lack of food knowledge for most of the people, it is very hard for them to differentiate whether the food is fresh or not, besides, the source, the hygiene and the freshness of food are not being identified.
TimeYou only need a few minutes for calling us or order through online service, you are free to choose your favorite food.The wastage of time for confirming the required food is very hard to be estimated; you will need approximately 3- 5 hours of time to shop for those items.
ConvenienceFood and the tools will be packed separately into different boxes; the appointed staff will deliver your order on time.After buying the food, you have to pickle the food, usually have no sufficient storage facilities to ensure the quality of food.
Energy- savingYou can choose the food, the utensils, and the tools that you want in a relaxing manner.It is very exhausting to buy all the ingredients and food for steamboat and BBQ.
The control of food and ingredientsCan be adjusted according to the number of people, wastage can be eliminated.It is hard to estimate the amount of food and the quality of food cannot be guaranteed.
PriceThe expenses can be controlled freely to avoid the wastage of food.It is hard to estimate the amount of food and cause unnecessary wastage.